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Car Airconditioning Repairs PakenhamCar air conditioners blow cool refrigerated air to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle, in particular during hot Australian summer; in addition, automotive air conditioners remove humidity from the air, allowing for fast demisting of the windscreen during wet or cold weather.

If your car's air conditioner suddenly stops blowing cold air (blows warm air), usually it means you need automotive airconditioning regas service, which is normal every few years. At Dandenong North Auto Air we are experts in every aspect of car air conditioning, including automotive air conditioner regas. After the regas service we will also test your vehicle air conditioning system for any gas leaks (and fix them if needed).

Car heaters, on the contrary, allow for warming inside the vehicle in winter, their role being essentially the oposite of automotive airconditioning.

Dandenong North Auto Air is a Pakenham-based Mobile Car Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs and Servicing company, specialising in:

Dandenong North Auto Air is based in Pakenham and offers Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning & Heater Repairs & Servicing in Pakenham and surrounding suburbs of south-eastern Melbourne.

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